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Grow Journal

Found 6 results

  1. Listed in Order of Posting- We have Eight contestants and 15 entries poll is open until Friday 3/15 at 4:20pm EST Prizes- Happy Man Seeds for top 3 vote totals along with a StonerHaven Coffee Cup for highest vote total. Seeds available shown in this post below- @DarKwon @Farmer Jim @roofwayne @Kushkush @Rovertscott @Jeff @tiltswitch @swamp
  2. Ok Stoners! Make up a Caption for the "stoner Jesus" picture.... I will make memes of all your captions and post them in separate thread for everyone to vote on, Top 3 highest votes each get a pack of 6 seeds and 3 Stickers courtesy of Happy Man Seeds Via @HMSGenetics And Stonerhaven Will Add in a SH Coffee Cup for the first place winner. 1st will get their pick of seeds featured below, 2nd place You have from today through next Friday 3/8/2019 At 4:20pm EST to post Captions then the poll will run to decide winners.
  3. All Entrants must be received before 01st Feb 2019. This is your chance to win GORILLA ZKITTLEZ How to enter: Instructions are here Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds StonerHaven Competition And Thats all you have to do stand the chance of winning Barney’s Farm Gorilla Zkittlez 5 Seeds. Good Luck & Enjoy
  4. PureGro1

    StonerHaven Macgyver Bowl

    Okay Stoners... I was thinking the other day that the invention of cheap glass, plastic, silicone bowls and bongs along with the availability of such has caused Stoners to lose the ability and desire to build a bong, bowl or other useful smoking creations. I know Everyone remembers Macgyver, (or maybe I am just getting old) the man who could take a pine cone and squirrel feces and make a hand grenade that could free a pretty woman. (At least that is how I remember it). So in today's society if Macgyver was a Stoner WWMD? would he go to amazon.com and purchase a pine cone and squirrel feces? would he really? and wait for the shipping and all while who knows whats happening to the pretty woman? I doubt it... How Macgyver are you? Can you make a bowl or bong that not only works but is cool? Want to take part in a contest where you could show off those skills? Well then grab the pine cones and squirrel poop cause you have come to the right place! (please leave squirrel poo in receptacle by door clearly labeled for your convenience.) So here is the Idea- Contest starts on Friday November 2nd at 4:20pm est. Stonerhaven will announce the general theme of the week and you will use that theme as a guide to make a smoking cool stoner creation that you can put weed in and smoke. you have until the following Friday at 4:20pm est When we announce the next weeks theme to submit a picture (or video) of your creation, The pic or video needs to include "stonerhaven" written on paper visible in the picture. This contest will span 8 weeks with 7 winners, one for each round of submissions and a Grand Prize Winner with highest combined total votes- Week 1- Get theme and build Week 2- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 3- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 4- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 5- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 6- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 7- Submit pic of last theme and get new theme to build Week 8- Submit pic of last theme Each week is voted on individually and all polls will stay open until Friday December 28th at 4:20pm est at which point each weeks winners will be tallied and announced along with Our Grand prize winner. Although Staff will be playing along they will be counted separately and the staff have their own bets and pride riding on this! Rules: Be a Member of Stonerhaven.com (duh...) Store bought parts may be used- screens are ok (OH- and dont use foil, or anything harmful to yourself or others, even for the old school look..lol) no willy nillys, floppsy wopseys or flingin screamers may be used in building your bowl or bong, you may use a canfooger if you wish. (you wanna know what they are dont you...cheaters) Its Mandatory to have FUN, there will be staff on hand to beat anyone who refuses FUN...Until they realize how FUN, FUN really is! Picture MUST include paper that says stoner haven as mentioned above Just reply that you want to play along and get your thinking socks ready! Scoring: Voted on originality, design, function, creativity and whatever else. Judged by your fellow Stoners of the Haven. In the event of a weekly tie- prize will carryover to next round. In the event of a tie-for grand prize there will be a 48hr build off to determine a winner. Prizes: Weekly Prize 5 pack of Colombian D x I95 reg beans, Stoner Haven Stickers. Grand Prize- An Oil-X-Green Extraction system Complete Donated by the @OilXGreen Team! A Copy of Fitness with Fatties book Signed by Author @Lynda Knight Stoner Haven Mug and T-Shirt Along With a 15 pack of Columbian D x I95 reg beans from wavegenetics.
  5. PureGro1

    Pick'em 2014 Discussion

    Hey [you] , I was hoping you would drop in! Its Football season again you Stoner, But have no fear- were ready here at the Haven. Last season we set up a CBS pick'em group and had a blast.This season as we are known to do here at Stoner Haven, were kicking it up a notch We are very proud to announce our own NFL Stoner Pick'em this year- We will make the pics through an app here, on our site, The app will track points and even give you a leader board to view the Stoner Stats! We have a little more work to do- But Stay tuned for when we go live this weekend. We will also announce some information about prizes and we may do some other sports pools as well. Stay High Brothers and Sisters and thank you all for being Stoners of the Haven!
  6. PureGro1

    Stoner Haven 2014 NFL Pick'em

    Hey [you] Below you will find links to the GAME and the Discussion thread for the Game as well as a link to the NFL 2014 thread, Lets try to keep the pick'em discussion thread about the pick'em contest itself and use the general 2014 NFL thread for just general football talk. Stoner Haven Pick'em Discussion Thread Stoner Haven Pick'em Game and Leader-board 2014 NFL Season Thanks for playing and being a Stoner of the Haven! Good luck [you] !! *You must have at least 2 posts here at Stoner Haven to Play Stoner Pick'em*

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