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Grow Journal

Found 5 results

  1. A blog for the random thoughts that rattle around in my brain
  2. Hello my friends So I love to read books. Wasn't always like that. When I was in school I could care less about reading a book, I was to busy having fun! lol but when I was about in my mid 20's I had a life changing experience,..... and no I didn't go to jail lol .....but to occupy my brain from going over the deep end I picked up a book and started reading it. Author was Graham Hancock and the book was called fingerprints of the gods. My mind was captivated. I read that whole book and its a big book but i read it all and I never turned back. Been a book reader ever since. I love to read practically any kind of book regardless of the subject. Expands the mind and keeps the brain juices flowing. I've read thousands of books, so I figured might as well start a thread on it. It's one of my hobbies. So recently I got into kindle and e-books. Kindle is pretty awesome. I do love physical books. But kindle is so convenient because you're practically carrying a library in your hand. I still buy physical books but I've also expanded my kindle library. Best of both worlds. I'll be posting all things book related and probably give summaries and personal opinion of said books. Any and all is welcomed to add to this thread. I encourage participation and interaction. So don't be shy my fellow bookworm friends. This is me at Barnes and Nobles lol
  3. fruit_loops

    Let's play a game,..yeah you!!

    Okay. Let's play some games, woohooo! crank up that radio my friend! Thanks amigo! Okay,, a little pow-wow with cool and the gang to set the mood just right Okay, I think I'm set. let's begin. I'll start it off with a game I'll call "I'm guessing". So to set it off, my question for you is....."who on this forum you think has the highest IQ?" Hmmmmm... this could be a tough one. We got some very intelligent people on here. ......
  4. fruit_loops

    Re introduction

    Hello gang. Been away for awhile working on personal issues but i think i got it in check....anyways, i decided to grab a med card since they finally opened a dispensary in the islands. Also got a place to grow my herbs so pretty stoked on that. No need to guerilla grow anymore. Getting a late start on the season. Just put some beans in soil and a few are starting to sprout.....anyway, some might remember me, some might not know who i am, or some just don't give a shit lol happy belated 420 gang! One love
  5. fruit_loops

    hi gang, i'm back

    It's me. Back online and back in the saddle. Soooooo,.... How y'all been?

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