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  1. Llama's Retirement!

    Well folks. As of two weeks ago we were moving to Key Largo. The closer we got to our 'drop dead date' the more we had second thoughts. Although I like driving boats and scuba diving, I have been in the recreation industry since I retired. I just don't want the responsibility of dealing with all that in someone elses business.The cost of living is very expensive for even a one bedroom apt is almost 2k a month......We want to work, but we don't want to be required to work just to afford an apartment. Another factor we had to consider was after our last trip to Costa Rica in January, we found the humidity stifling. Mamallama and I talked and talked and-yelled and fought and talked and we finally decided what we Really wanted! Our first love has always been New Mexico....Mamallama was OK with FL but really wanted NM Last week we switched gears and decided to move to Las Cruces like we originally planned! We will be heading to Las Cruces in April for a house hunting trip. MamaLLama and I want to enjoy our retirement and really don't want a new career. We both want to work about three days a week. (I'll find something working with kids as that's always a need) I am also planning on buying a new motorcycle for my main transport and Mama gets a new car! (I get the 2004 VW) for that week I can't ride the bike! So WE ARE MOVING TO LAS CRUCES NOW! That is etched in stone! (or at least etched in gravel) I really think that's what we both wanted because it was like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders when we made the decision.(remember, I grew up 100 miles from Las Cruces) Of course I have to start all over with weed!! I no longer need to worry about a pee test! I kept a few ounces to get me through to April but I'll be dry by the time we move. At least we'll be going through Colorado on our way and there are dispensaries in LC. I doubt I will get into the big grows like I did previously, rather I'll just grow enough so I don't need to buy any.(I'll be begging for seeds when I get settled. So there you have it! I never realized how hard it was to decide how to spend a retirement fer Gawd's sake!