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Grow Journal

Found 3 results

  1. PureGro1

    Atman Vape Tanks

    ATMAN DIDA CBD/THC CARTRIDGES FOR OIL Atman has introduced a Cartridge for THC/CBD oil that is very impressive when reading the stats, I was skeptical of a tank making a lot of difference. I have used many tank brands you have heard probably heard of, I've also found myself going back to disposable tanks for dependability and in some cases a superior taste. For this review I had decided to try out a distillate oil which I wasn't particularly fond of flavor (Sunset Sherbet) I used this on your normal run of the mill pen style battery (* 900mAh Lithium-Ion Battery) The first thing I noticed about these cartridges was the no thread top which is very nice and you know what I mean if you ever had one with glass tank and oil on the threads. you simply pop the top off and fill it, I removed the oil from a disposable plastic tank using a syringe and needle. The weight of the Atman cartridge helps while filling it, It just sits nicely in comparison to plastic tank that doesn't want to stay upright. However the weight of it on a pen style battery feels a bit much, the shorter the battery the better it would be in this case- a long battery feels top heavy. Once the cartridge was filled I took my first puff off the Atman tank, I was surprised at how little resistance there was due to the top and down airflow design. Now here is the shocking part- This distillate I have hated the flavor of in a plastic tank was palatable in the Atman DIDA Tank, I was quite surprised by this fact and took a few puffs just to make sure I was really getting the full flavor. While doing the flavor test I noticed that I was blowing some huge clouds of vapor with no cough (Usually if I had blown a cloud this size, I would have really had to suck on the vape and would have coughed on exhale) I was bit surprised by this as well and realized the vapor is cooler than I am used to feeling on throat at that volume. This design is also nice in the fact that it clears all the vapor from the tank with every hit. Due to all the flavor testing then becoming intrigued by how much more vapor this tank was producing along with how cool it felt, I realized I was becoming quite stoned which was another surprise as this particular oil was not high on my list for potency nor flavor and both have just moved up a few notches just thanks to a different tank. The Specs for these Atman DIDA Cartridges are below, They come in a variety of sizes and maybe available in different colors. While I feel the price is on the high side, This is a quality product that saves time cleaning/filling and provides a great vaping experience. I believe it is a solid value for the money, at first glance you may feel the price is high. PPT= Pull-out and Plug-in Tech, easy to fill and refill This may or may not be important to you, If your refilling for sale it probably is, They have developed a system that will allow you to refill many more cartridges in same amount of time. TDA= Top and Down AirFlow, no leaking, but huge vapor and pure taste Patent-protected Technology. The air comes from top and down to take out all vapor hidden at the bottom, it will provide more vapor and a pure taste. It Will Rapidly cool down the vapor to ensure best taste and performance. The device guarantees ZERO leaking. HCC=Horizontal Ceramic Coil, ensuring huge vapor and pure taste Unique ceramic core to increase surface area between oil and the core, fully atomizing the oil and supporting bigger vapor, more puffs and superior flavor CFT= Cotton Free Tech, healthier for you These Cartridges come without a cotton element around the ceramic coil, which can give you a better vaping performance and decrease oil buildup on the ceramic surface. LT= Low Temperature, giving better taste to your oil Specifications: Ceramic coil element Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1.0ml/1.5ml/1.8ml/2.0ml Resistance: 2.1ohm Dimension: 11mm 510 Thread
  2. PureGro1


    Vaporizing, everything you wanted to know and more.... Vaporization is a technique for avoiding irritating respiratory toxins in marijuana smoke by heating cannabis to a temperature where the psychoactive ingredients evaporate without causing combustion. Laboratory studies by California NORML and MAPS have found that vaporizers can efficiently deliver cannabinoids while eliminating or drastically reducing other smoke toxins. Like tobacco, marijuana smoke contains toxins that are known to be hazardous to the respiratory system. Among them are the highly carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, a prime suspect in cigarette-related cancers. These toxins are essentially a byproduct of combustion, separate from the pharmaceutically active components of marijuana, known as cannabinoids, which include THC. Although there is no proof that marijuana smoking causes cancer, chronic pot smokers have been shown to suffer an elevated risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections. Respiratory disease due to smoking may therefore rightly be regarded as the primary physiological hazard of marijuana. Cannabis vaporizers are designed to let users inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding harmful smoke toxins. They do so by heating cannabis to a temperature of 180 - 200° C (356° - 392° F), just below the point of combustion where smoke is produced. At this point, THC and other medically active cannabinoids are emitted with little or none of the carcinogenic tars and noxious gases found in smoke. Many medical marijuana patients who find smoked marijuana highly irritating report effective relief inhaling through vaporizers. Users who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use vaporizers. Alternative devices, such as waterpipes, have been shown to be ineffective at reducing the tars in marijuana smoke Basic Vaporizer Theory Vaporization occurs when essential oils are heated. The higher the temperature the faster the vaporisation happens. The essential oil does NOT need to be heated to its boiling point for this to work, but at its boiling point it will be most effective. An analogy can be drawn with water. Water on its own will generally just sit there, slowly evaporating. Heat it up and it will evaporate faster. Boil it and it will come off very fast. Take a hair dryer. If the hot air from a hair dryer was at the boiling point of water (100°C) then it would burn you, yet a hair dryer still dries your hair much faster than not using one. The flow of air also helps as it moves the water-vapour saturated air away to let more water evaporate. You can also see this happen when you blow on something to dry it. The same principles can be applied to vaporizers. A moving flow of air over the herb encourages more essential oil to vaporize, and making the temperature of that flow of air near or at the boiling point of the essential oil means it is also being heated. Combining the two is the principle behind convection vaporizers. Conclusions: Much more efficient over smoking Much less harmful than smoking The vapor tastes nicer Vapor is a lot less of an annoyance to your throat Scientific Vaporizer Studies Vaporizer and waterpipe studies Study Shows Vaporizer Can Drastically Reduce Toxins in Smoke Harmful toxins in smoke can be effectively avoided by a vaporization device. Types of Vaporizer Current vaporizers available work in one of two ways: Conduction vaporizers are usually considered inferior as only the part of the herb in contact with the hot surface will get heated. This means that a large proportion will NOT get hot enough for the essential oil to evaporate fast enough to be effective. To get round this rather large design flaw, the temperature is increased. While heating the rest of the herb up high enough can be achieved through this, the part in contact with the hot surface will be overheated (occasionally to the point of combustion) thus negating the point of vaporising in the first place. These are commonly referred to as 'soldering-iron' vaporizers because most models appear to use a soldering iron element with a bowl on top to put the herb in. If the vaporiser look like a heated stick in a jar, its probably one of these. Convection vaporizers are much better because heated air can flow all the way around all parts of the herb. This ensures equal heating, and consequently more complete vaporisation. As long as hot air flows through the herb and there are essential oils left to vaporise, it will continue giving off vapor. Convection vaporizers are more expensive because they are usually thermostatically controlled. It is also more difficult to heat a flow of air to a constant temperature because there are more variables eg. speed of air, air temperature before being heated, etc. Some vaporizers appear to use radiant heat but most of the effect is caused by convection. Radiant heat is difficult to control without actually measuring the surface temperature of the herb which in itself requires expensive IR thermometry. That is not to say it cannot be done. Coolest Looking Vaporizers What I think the coolest looking vaporizers are. If your after style or stealth, look here. Hot Box Vaporizer The super cool hot box vaporizer looks awesome. Cool cube design in many colours and styles. A great looking peice. It's only $159.99, and looks as stylish as the Volcano. Advantages Cool style for cheap price Good stealth unit Effective ceramic heating element Custom designs accepted 1 year Iron Clad warranty. Volcano Vaporizer The Volcano costs $539 dollars, but it looks like it. It's a very innocent looking heating unit. It'stealth and looks like a space age gadget. Advantages Super efficient Good stealth unit Great for sharing due to bag system Looks fantastic Variable temperature for precison. FREE SHIPPING 3 year warranty. Affordable but effective vaporizers Not everyone has $539 for a Volcano Vaporizer, but there are many other great devices out there for a great price. There are also some bad ones out there. We've compiled a list of some great vaporizers with the best price tags we could find. If you have over $120 to spend, this is the page for you. These are all in one vaporizer units, no accessories needed and will work out of the box. Hot Box Convection Vaporizer : $159.99 One of the best looking and effective vaporizers. A really impressive device. One person I know sold their Volcano as this was good enough. Whilst thats just one person, it still impressed me. It boasts almost Apple like style and uses a safe ceramic nichrome heating element. No metal tastes here. It is available in many different colours and styles. I've seen scarface styled ones around. It uses standard glass vapor whips. The Hot Box Vaporizer is currently offered in the following colors, Ebony Mother, All Rise Scarlet, and Cobalt Blue. You can even get custom designed hotbox's! Iron clad 1 year warranty! The Hot Box Vaporizers are also available in a variety of stone configurations. These stone Hot Box Vaporizers come in onyx, marble and a plethora of other precious stones. It is a great looking product, and has a touch of style that other vaporizers lack. This is my personal favourite looking vaporizer, along with the Volcano. Having a choice of colours is great, and shows vaporizer manufacturers are going to more lengths with their customers. It's also a good stealth unit in my opinion. If your going for looks, in my opinion, this is the device for you. I love gadgets and nerdy stuff, and this looks like an Apple product! Vaporwarez Convection Vaporizer : $159.98 This is the Vaporwarez Convection Hands Free Vaporizer. This company has a lot of experience in making and developing vaporizers. They were the original equipment manufacturers for VaporBros, since then, they have brought to the world, the upgraded VaporCannon. It's ground glass whip means it's truly hand's free. This is an advantage for a lot of people. It also benefits from a ceramic heating element, meaning it is much healthier to the older Vapor Bros models. The ceramic heating element has proven to be very reliable even under stressed conditions. 5 YEARS Warranty. If warranty is your worry, go for this model. I have only heard good comments about Vaporwarez customer service. iVape Convection Vaporizer : $139.99 The Vaporizer of Dr.Greens, known for their detoxify and pipe cleansing products. A very different looking convection vaporizer. It has style, and would look good in any collection. If you like the Aztec style look, go for this. If you like something a bit different, go for this. I'm betting your friends wont have seem similar. It's all about personal taste now, as vaporizers have developed so much over the last few years. Other than cool, different asthetics, it uses a ceramic electrofusion coil, to produce vapor. It has a 3 years warranty which is pretty competitive. This is a solid vaporizer on the market. The warm up time is 4 minutes which is very very fast, and great in such a low priced vaporizer. This vaporizer is a safe, great looking, easy to use vaporizer. Possibly the best introduction to the world of vaporizing. Pure Convection Vaporizer : $149.99 30 SECONDS WARM UP TIME. That is probably the best on the market. If warm up time is your pet hate, then this is for you. Quicker than rolling a joint! It's recently been remanufactured and retrofitted with fully worked ceramic cores. This vaporizer has been around for 4 years and has a good reputation. It uses fine birch and solid alder wood, utilising some of the very finest woods in the business. Whilst not my reason to buy a vaporizer, I know many people would love this feature. 5 years warranty. So no worrying! It has a rather weird cool look to it, but you will have to see if it'll fit in your collection compared with the other 4 offered here. I think the warm-up time is fantastic and is what attracts most people to the Pure vaporizer. Vapir Air One 3.0 Forced Air Convection Vaporizer : $149.99 The only vaporizer at this price with a forced air / bag system. This is the third vaporizer Vapir have invented and it is their best to date. When tested at GotVape's headquarters it was met with overwhelming approval. The Vapir Air One 3.0 features a ceramically housed quartz heating element. The advanced heating element allows three people to inhale three separate vaporizer hits a piece with just one herb disc. This is all done without the legal herbal blend being burned whatsoever. It reaches the temperaturs you set very quickly, and can even be locked to stop unauthorised usage. A unique feature to this VAPIR model. The Vapir Air One 3.0 can be used with or without the bag kit to allow you to vary between the two, which is a nice choice to have. There is only a 90 day warranty, but you can purchase an extended no hassle warranty. Vaporizer Reviews Hopefully after reading vaporizer reviews & factsheets, and these reviews, you will have a better idea of which vaporizer you wish to purchase. Manual Vaporizers The Bubble Tube Vaporizer Automated Vaporizers The BC Vaporizer The Blue Meanie Vaporizer The Master Blaster Vaporizer The Volcano Vaporizer Heat Gun Vaporizer Vapor Brothers Vaporizer AromaZap Silver Surfer Vaporizer Volatizer Vaporizer Happy Vappy Vaporizer The Vapie Vaporizer VaporWarez Vaporizer AroMed Vaporizer Request for information on VAPIR Models VAPIR Vaporizer Vapureyes Vaporizer Eagle Bill's Shake and Vap Vaporizer Arizer - Extreme Q Vaporizer Arizer – V Tower Vaporizer Aroma Classic Basic Vaporizer Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 Da Buddha Vaporizer Digital and Classic Volcano Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer Evolutions Vaporizer v7 HerbalAIRE Vaporizer Hot Box Vaporizer Iolite Portable Vaporizer Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer Natural Goods Standard Vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer Vapir Air One Vaporizer Vapir Mini Oxygen Vaporizer 2.0 Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Vapir Vaporizer Classic Portable Vapir Vapormatic Deluxe Vapolution Vaporizer Portable Vaporite Hyper Vaporizer Myths Vaporizing doesn't stimulate you as much... Untrue. If the process is done correctly, vaporization can stimulate you more than smoking due to it being more efficient. It takes more herb if you vaporize. Incorrect, it is just as efficient, and i've personally found it to be more efficient if you use a good vaporizer. Vaporizing Temperatures Low Temperature: up to 150C (302F) Angelica: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Black Horehound: 100C to 125C (212F to 257F) Blue Lotus: 100C to 125C (212F to 257F) Chamomile: 100C to 125C (212F to 257F) Clove: 125C to 150C (257F to 302F) Corn Silk: 100C to 125C (212F to 257F) Dandelion: 125C to 150C (257F to 302F) Goldenrod: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Gotu Kola: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Horsetail: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Hyssop: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Lavender: 100C to 125C (212F to 257F) Meadowsweet: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Motherwort: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Passionflower: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Peppermint: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Purslane: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Rue: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Sage: 125C to 150C (257F to 302F) Saint John’s Wort: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Thyme: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Tobacco: 125C to 150C (257F to 302F) Wormwood: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Yarrow: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Yerba Mate: 100C to 150C (212F to 302F) Medium Temperature: up to 175C (347F) Anise: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Caraway: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Cat's Claw: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Coffee: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Comfrey: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Damiana: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Ephedra: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Fennel: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Feverfew: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Hawthorn: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Ginkgo: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Guarana: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Lion's Tail: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Milk Thistle: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Prickly Poppy: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) Red Poppy: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Saw Palmetto: 125C to 175C (257F to 347F) Sweet Flag: 150C to 175C (302F to 347F) High Temperature: up to 200C (392F) Temps over 200C are not recommended Aloe Vera: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Amanita Muscaria: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Ayahuasca Vine: 185C to 200C (365F to 392F) Barberry: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Burdock: 150C to 200C (302F to 392F) Couch Grass: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Evening Primrose: 150C to 200C (302F to 392F) Fringe Tree: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Garlic: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Ginger 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Ginseng: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Goldenseal: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Hops: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Kava Kava: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Kola Nut: 185C to 200C (365F to 392F) Kratom: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Licorice: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Maca Root: 150C to 200C (302F to 392F) Marshmallow: 150C to 200C (302F to 392F) Morning Glory: 185C to 200C (365F to 392F) Sida Cordifolia: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Salvia Divornum: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Sinichuichi (Mayan Sun Opener): 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Turmeric: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Valerian: 185C to 200C (365F to 392F) Wild Yam: 175C to 200C (347F to 392F) Yohimbe: 185C to 200C (365F to 392F) The Best Vaporizer Temperature For Marijuana/THC Vaporization Is... The best vaporizer temperature for marijuana/thc vaporization is approximately 365°F (185°C), but is better thought of as a range between 355°-385°F (180°-195°C). The quality of your herbs and the type of vaporizer you're using have a big effect on what temp setting you should use. Each vaporizer generates heat differently and most have a slight temp fluctuation during use. Ideally what you want is a nice medium-density vapor for optimal taste and effects. The Best Vaporizer Temperature For Marijuana/THC Vaporization Is... The best vaporizer temperature for marijuana/thc vaporization is approximately 365°F (185°C), but is better thought of as a range between 355°-385°F (180°-195°C). The quality of your herbs and the type of vaporizer you're using have a big effect on what temp setting you should use. Each vaporizer generates heat differently and most have a slight temp fluctuation during use. Ideally what you want is a nice medium-density vapor for optimal taste and effects. As you increase the vaporization temperature past certain thresholds the various terpenoids found in cannabis are released. This is why your vapor will taste different when vaped at 350° than it does at 385°. My recommendation is to experiment yourself to find what temps suit you best. Start out low and slowly increase the temperature until you reach your desired level of strength and flavor. Studies have shown that once you go over roughly 400°F some toxins may begin releasing into the vapor, and you'll probably start to get an unpleasant taste from your herbs, so it is recommended to refrain from raising your vaporizer's temp past that point. Conduction, where heat is transmitted to your herb through contact with something hot. Convection, where heat is transmitted to your herb by heated air flowing over it.
  3. I've been using my SSV for 3 days now. At the moment all I have to use in it is Nirvana's Aurora Indica. AI is an F1 indica hybrid. Smoking in a bong, AI had a very sedative effect. It was a puff, puff, pass-out. In the Eclipse vape I first purchased, it didn't fair much better. But, in the SSV I have been able to change it completely. At hight heat (60% and above) and faster pulls, I wind up with more sedation. Add KEIF or hash and look out. At lower heat (50% and below) with slow and long pulls, I loose a lot of the sedation. At least I'm not macraméd into the sofa. And most of my pain is gone reguardless of method used. I just have to be careful when at temps above 60%. I can pull long enough to combust it. lol. So... My favorite way, so far with this strain at least, is 50% heat slow long pulls. I've learned 2 Don'ts and a Do for using the SSV successfully (at least for me ) Don't pack the wand tightly. Don't leave the wand in the SSV when not being pulled on. Do stir after every use.

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