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Grow Journal

Found 2 results

  1. THE WATER CURE So finally I am able to do a step by step process of how to properly water cure your harvested cannabis buds to increase potency and to also leech away all the unwanted substances that regular drying and curing cant rid out of the buds. So what I am going to do is this since I just harvested my rhino stomp yesterday so I will take 16.3 grams of the freshly harvested Rhino Stomp to do a water curing tutorial for members of SH with day by day video updates. RULES TO WATER CURING CANNABIS 1.MUST USE AIR TIGHT CONTAINER 2.USE ONLY DISTILLED OR DE CHLORINATED WATER 3.MUST CHANGE WATER EVERY 24 HRS FOR 7 DAYS 4.NEVER USE COLD WATER !!! 5.MAKE SURE CANNABIS IS SUBMERGED THIS IS A MUST !!! 6.KEEP JAR IN A COOL DARK PLACE 7.AT THE END OF DAY 7 HANG TO DRY DAY 1 WATER CURE PICTURES Before 24hr soak DAY 1 WATER CURE PICTURES After 24hr soak you can really see the leeching of crap that's going on in the water 0calli "RHINO STOMP" Water Cure The Start Day 2 DAY 2 WATER CURE 24HR SOAKING also added a few macro pics to show no trich breakage !!!
  2. Hi guys and girls.... i'm troutie and i've been growing for a couple of years, i have only limited experience to the strains i've grown so i would like to ask your opinions..i need a wider audience with much more experience than i have with strains and breeders what i'm looking for is a decent smoke (i like anything skunky/afgani/fruity)... i'm not a massive fan of pine/juniper/rosemary flavors... what i want to ask is what strain has suprised you with its yeild??? have you found a strain that needs supporting because its just too heavy, is there a golioth of a plant that i should try??? here is some details of what setup i have, and how i intend to grow soil (amended for flowering) 4'x4'x7 tent 2 x 5 inch inline fans (and carbon filter) 600w digital hps (with air hood) ok so i have grown and liked Barneys farm- pineapple express Dinafem- critical jack i'm looking for a photoperiod with great yeilds ... please advise

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