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Build a Better Canna Butter


As promised, here is a new and improved Butter Tutorial. I have been doing some reading and found a new, better butter recipe.

Thanks to BadKittySmiles! She is awesome and knows her stuff! I have been doing it all wrong! lol...You shouldn't be using water to make your butter...


The water is not responsible for stripping the components you want: it only pulls excessive salt, chlorophyll and other inert properties into the mix, while at the same time hindering the oil and its ability  to break down your cannabis glandular material. Besides external contact interfering, the inert plant matter soaks up additional water via passive capilary action before it can absorb the oil, and overall prevents the oil from gaining as solid access and contact as it otherwise would have, ultimately preventing the oil that you're relying on, to perform the extraction, from doing the job or making the progress that it otherwise could. This leads to extended cooking requirements, including the 24-hour to several-day-long canna butter and oil recipes of the past, causing your cannabis to undergo unneeded degradation and excessive heat exposure.


So...here is the way to build a better butter:


Of course, as always, start by decarbing your weed. For this tutorial, I am using 1 oz of random bud - I don't know what it is, just found the jar in the cabinet. It is much easer to use bud rather than trim, as it doesn't soak up all the butter and makes for easier squeezing out later for a better return on what you started with. Remember that 1 oz bud = 4 oz trim. You can decarb right in the dish you will use to cook your butter. Grind your bud or break up to a fine consistency.  Spread over bottom of your dish and cover tightly with heavy duty (or double up on regular) foil. Put your dish in the oven and set temp to 225f. The time depends on how fresh your bud or trim is. Anywhere from 20 mins for older stuff and up to 35 for really fresh. Mine is pretty fresh so I did 30 minutes.


decarbed and ready to go





While your bud is decarbing, you will want to clarify your butter. This is something I have never done before, mainly because it is an extra step and I could never figure out how to really do it. My attempts on the stovetop never really worked. But, on accident I found out that it is easy peasy in the crockpot! I just put all the butter I will be using in the crockpot (I started out with 6 lbs of butter - or twelve cups, and lost 2 cups to milkfat/water content...so keep this in mind when clarifying...add in extra butter to make up for that loss) and set to high. Come back in half hour to an hour and this is what you have...



and after the milkfat/water content has been removed


And this is what I separated for use in this tutorial




Now add your clarified butter to your decarbed weed... 



then your lecithin. I did 1 big glug from the bottle for this, probably about a teaspoon or two. For this demo, I am using the liquid because I forgot to buy the granules, which should be used. but either will work...   post-503-0-27897100-1389552927_thumb.jpg   post-503-0-37728800-1389552940_thumb.jpg  

and cover tightly with your foil...


set oven to 215f  and timer for 1 hour...  



When timer goes off, remove from oven and let cool to room temp, then put in freezer. You want to freeze for at least an hour, preferably several or overnight....


...in the meantime... 




Poke lots of Smot!!!


Now, after you have frozen your weed/butter, you will cook again. Remove from freezer and let come to room temp, so you don't shatter it in the oven...  post-503-0-48653200-1389553013_thumb.jpg  


You will want to process it for another hour, up to 3 or 4 hours depending on the result you are looking for. The longer you cook, the more sedative it becomes. I cook for 2 more hours.  this will be the result...  



Here you will want to let it cool enough to handle, but not enough to where it starts to solidify!  You will want to have several layers of cheesecloth ready and a jar or dish for final storage. It is best to squeeze out in small handfuls rather than in one large pile. You will get more butter back and not leave so much in the weed. Easy way... take your jar and put 4 layers of cheesecloth over the opening and secure with a rubber band. Lay another 4 layers of cheesecloth on top of that. Now spoon small amounts at a time into the center of the top cheesecloth. Gather up the corners and squeeze over the cheesecloth on the jar. Squeeze as much as you can out then remove the strainings and repeat the process until all done.


I just got my press, so no more hand squeezing for me...  



This is the final product..


...having made both water butter recipes and this way, I can say, hands down that this is by far the best method. The butter comes out much nicer -especially if you clarify your butter! It has a beautiful green to it that the other way doesn't - the other way is more brown.


After you have finished your butter, you are ready to bake and get baked!  

post-503-0-97964800-1389552634_thumb.jpg   :chef-Attho:




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