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DIY Dry Nutrients

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Save yourself a ton of money by making your own 2 part nutrient!  I use this to feed a home-made promix soiless medium (peat moss + perlite).

What you'll need:

5-11-26 hydroponic dry nutrients.  I use hydro-gardens.com, but there are plenty of options out there for you.

MKP (amazon.com) https://amzn.to/2JlaupX

Epsom Salt (walmart) https://amzn.to/2Deftsm

Calcium Nitrate  -- amazon or pretty much anywhere that sells ferts. https://amzn.to/2Q3KdPA

RO water https://amzn.to/2Db9xAj


The basics:

Mix Ratios Cal Nit “5-11-26” Epsom MKP
Vegetation 2 2 1 0
Bloom 2 2.5 1 0.5
Late Bloom 1.6 2.5 0.75 0.75



The Details:

Part A (Calcium Nitrate)


120g per 2L of water


226g per 1G of water


Part B (Veg growth)


2L of water

 - 120g 5-11-26

 - 60g Epsom Salt


1G of water

 - 226g 5-11-26

 - 113g Epsom Salt


Part B (Bloom)


2L of water

 - 150g 5-11-26

 - 60g Epsom Salt

 - 30g MKP


1G of water

 - 282.5g 5-11-26

 - 113g Epsom Salt

 - 56.5g MKP


Part B (Late Bloom -- last 2 weeks)


2L of water

 - 187.5g 5-11-26

 - 56.25g Epsom Salt

 - 56.25g MKP


1G of water

 - 353g 5-11-26

 - 106g Epsom Salt

 - 106g MKP



I like to use water dispenser jugs to hold the concentrates because they have a handle for easy shaking and a spigot, although 2L soda bottles/1G milk jugs are super easy to handle as well.  I use a (roughly) 1 gallon container for Veg and Late Bloom, and roughly 3 gallon containers for part A and bloom.  Part A and Part B (Bloom) will be your most used by far.  Using this recipe, you'll always mix a 1:1 ratio of parts A and B.  All you need to vary is which part B concentrate you need to use at that time.  Piece of cake!  Simply adjust the pH after you are done mixing.


Examples taken from my grow logs: (your results my vary!)

1 Gallon of Veg Mix -- 45ml part A, 45ml part B (Veg).  EC = 1.6  uncorrected pH = 6.2

3 Gallons of Bloom Mix -- 135ml part A, 135ml part B (Bloom).  EC = 2.0  uncorrected pH = 5.8  required pH up = 2.5ml Corrected pH = 6

3 Gallon of Late Bloom Mix -- 100ml part A, 100ml part B(Late Bloom).  EC = 1.8 uncorrected pH = 5.7 required pH up - 2.5ml Corrected pH = 6



The only warning I can think of is to make sure that your dry nutes stay dry!  Keep them sealed in bags/pails, they WILL attract moisture!

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